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tips and gifts from dog walkers and pet sitters

How To Handle Tips & Gifts From Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Clients

What do you do when a dog walking or pet sitting client gives you a tip?  Or a holiday or "thank you" type gift?

​And what about if you have staff helping you?  Do they keep the tip/gift?  Or just part of it?  Here's how to handle these situations.

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holiday bonus for dog walkers pet sitters

Should You Give A Holiday Bonus To Your Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters?

Your dog walking and pet sitting staff keep your business going forwards.  They work hard.  

Especially during the holidays, they're running all around and giving up time with their families to be working.  So, should you give a holiday bonus to your dog walkers and pet sitters?  

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map route tools for dog walking and pet sitting

How To Plan A Route For Your Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Visits

When you're a busy dog walker and pet sitter, you understand just how important it is to be able to get from one home to another as efficiently as possible.  

You're on a tight timeframe and your clients usually want you to make your visit at a particular time or at least within a specified time window.  

So, how do your map a route that's efficient and effective?  My preferred method is to use Google Maps and the "my maps" tool.  Here's how to do it.  

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most important skill for growing a pet business

The Most Important Skill For Growing Your Pet Business

There's no doubt it takes enormous amounts of skill in a variety of disciplines to effectively start and grow your pet business.

Skillful marketing, hiring, management, customer service...all these things, among many others, are required for ​success.

I'd say that one item in particular outranks all the others in importance, though.  Because, without it, ​you will never ever have a chance to succeed.

It is...

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dog walking pet sitting business model

Why Every Pet Sitter Should Be Walking More Dogs

Would you like it if your pet sitting business had more consistent weekly and monthly revenue?  How about if you could make more money and do less work at the same time?  

​What if you could eliminate most of the time you spend scheduling visits with your clients?  And substantially reduce the time and effort that goes into coordinating your staff's visit schedule? 

And what if your holidays were less crazy but you still made good money?​

Well, you can do all this.  And it's pretty easy.  Here's how.

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