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dog walking contract

Dog Walking Contract: What You Must Have In It

Having a dog walking contract to give to your dog walking clients is essential.  The same goes for providing a pet sitting contract to your pet sitting clients.  

This is a document that is going to spell out exactly what the terms of your relationship are with your dog walking and pet sitting clients.  

You don't want to leave anything to chance, so having everything documented on paper with signatures is going to very helpful when you need to refer to something to clarify a question that your client may have or not understand.

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pros and cons of pet sitting business

Pros & Cons Of A Pet Sitting Business

Here are the pros and cons of starting a pet sitting business.  These are also great considerations when evaluating how this service compares to the pros & cons of dog walking and which services you may want to ultimately offer.  

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pros and cons of a dog walking business

Pros & Cons Of A Dog Walking & Running Business

Here are the pros and cons of starting a dog walking and/or dog running business.  Plus, these are necessary considerations if you're comparing dog walking to the pros and cons of pet sitting.  

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blueprint to start a dog walking pet sitting business

The 10-Step Blueprint For Starting A Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Business

Welcome.  I'm John Reh and I'm glad you've found this.  It's going to help you.

If you're not familiar with Pet Business Masters!, this resource page is the blueprint we use for how to start and operate an awesome, thriving, fun, and profitable service-based pet business (so far, we've produced over $2.3 million in revenue using this system).

It's the same exact blueprint you should be using, too.  

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